Lifted From the Rut

Welcome to Lifted From the Rut! 

Whether you believe it or not YOU WERE CREATED FOR A GREAT PURPOSE…addiction is not part of that equation.

Addiction has captured the hearts of way to many people and has destroyed way to many lives.  I know this because alcohol was my master for 14 years, until it all changed on June 8, 2001 when alcohol kicked to the curb and I found a new way to live….a sober way to live.  Hope was restored in a once lost soul.  The obsession and compulsion to drink or drug was lifted and has never returned.  Oh yes, I have made mistakes in sobriety which were directly related to my spiritual condition, but what I have learned is that when my focus on living right is dialed in, then the fruit of that labor is evident.

Most people know an addict in one way or another.  Could be someone addicted to alcohol?  drugs? rage?  pornography?  gambling?  shopping?  padding the company expense account?  I assume a few people came to mind while reading that list?  Maybe yourself?  Well, Lifted From the Rut is here to help.

Many people say “Oh, I will quit tomorrow!”  OR “Just one more round.  One more pull.  One more drag.  One more……..One more…… ONE MORE!!”   What if tomorrow never comes?  What if one MORE is too much?

If you have concerns about an addiction you or a loved one is suffering from, please contact me..I am committed to help.  Addiction sucks..period.  Don’t let it steal another day.


Here is a great example:

I went to get my haircut a few weeks ago on a day and time I usually would not go.  The only person in the building turned out to be the manager.  No other customers.  No other staff.  Just she and I.  As we engaged in conversation, she mentioned that her holiday was not the best.

I dug a little deeper to learn that her younger sister was in the hospital again, for the third time, due to alcohol addiction; however this time she was near death.  Doctors said her liver and kidneys were failing….little life remained if alcohol touched her lips again.  Body yellow from jaundice.  Yellow eyes.  Yellow skin.  Yellow surrounded her entire body….a yellow equal to death.  Alcohol had her number and death was knocking.

As we chatted further, she emotionally described her sister had been in rehab three times, only to return to her usual life each time her feet left the rehab facility.  Same friends.  Same establishments.  Same routines.  When would enough be enough?  For most it results in death…but her sister still HAS a shot…if she chooses a different way!  Time will tell.

We discussed what would be different this time?  Hope distant, she softly replied “I have no idea.”  We discussed the idea of Recovery Coaching..a concept foreign to her.  You should have seen her eyes light up that there could be another way to help her sister regain HERSELF again in the hope to beat the addiction that stole her soul……

Guess how old her sister is?   (scroll down)…








How sad is this reality!?!?  No matter if you are 14 or 78, black or white, poor or rich… ADDICTION does not discriminate.

I have seen and heard of more than 30 people die from addiction…..that is just within my own circle of influence.

Open the door for help.  Call me today so I can help your family, you, and others restore the hope that addiction has stolen.  Tomorrow may never come.





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