God Loves the “F” Word……

God Loves the “F” Word………. read on……… One of the greatest lessons I have learned and have been diving into is the blessings and freedoms that come with FORGIVENESS! The blessing in forgiving others, forgiving myself and in asking others for forgiveness due to the pain my actions have caused. There are so many blessings that result from forgiveness that I continue to learn more about, especially in asking for forgiveness and the freedom that comes from this for the parties involved. There is so much pain in living in UNFORGIVENESS that I have been seeing in the lives of many friends who are going through tough times in life and in their marriages.

I am on a mission to tilt the scales away from UNforgiveness towards FORGIVEness. To see healing in marriages and relationships. To see the divorce rates decrease. Suicide rates decrease. Addiction rates decrease. To see thriving marriages INCREASE. To see more JOY in the faces of those around me. To hear amazing stories of redemption. To inspire others to love well and allow themselves to be loved. We were created to be in relationship with others, to live IN community with others and to THRIVE in this life.

I will be posting a video soon about this quest I am on…until then, I wanted to post the title of my upcoming book. Did you know I was writing another book? Well, here is the title…..are you ready???

Seriously…..are you ready? Hold on to your hats? You might be shocked at the title. Here it is……. I am the author of the upcoming book >>>>>>>

God Loves the “F” Word : Real Stories of Forgiveness and Freedom!

As the stories are compiled. As interviews are conducted. As the lessons are learned…I will be sharing those along the way with you. Feel free to contact me with your stories, with suggestions of people to contact who have incredible stories of Forgiveness, with professionals who specialize in the areas of Forgiveness who would be willing to share their expertise…… You can email me at forgiveness@liftedfromtherut.com


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