Successful Intervention……

On Saturday night I was asked to speak at the Harmony Foundation Rehab in Estes Park graduation night.  What an honor it was to share my story, along with hearing the journey many others have endured in the world of addiction. 
Another great blessing was giving a huge hug to one of my clients whom I had the pleasure to transport to Harmony 9 days earlier after a successful intervention I did with her and her family.  Emotions were high as we were both excited for her to be clean and sober for 9 days…the longest stint of sobriety for her in 10 years!!!!!
I am grateful to be in a field that helps walk families through the addiction process to hopefully get their loved one to treatment, then be there for them when they get out to help further develop their tools to remain clean and sober.  Their are so many promises available when someone adopts and clean and sober lifestyle.
To learn more, check out my site at
Rob Lohman  970-331-4469

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