Intervention gratitude….

The world of Addiction Interventions is an interesting one.  Sometimes the client knows I will arrive to help open their hearts and minds to the idea of going to rehab to gain the tools towards living a sober life.  Other times it is a total shock to them initially, but after hearing from their loved ones, they tend to soften a little bit OR just rebel in interesting ways….it is always so unpredictable.
Today at 2:30 will be one of those interventions where the client is willing to go, but not quite there.  Unaware I will be arriving, he is aware that his family is at the end with his addiction and things NEED to change TODAY.   If all goes week, I will be transporting my client to the Sobriety House in Denver.   He has suffered from alcohol addiction for 20 years. Is 39 years old and has a 7 year old daughter.  Pray for him and his family.
Also have a client completing her program at Harmony Foundation on Saturday, so we will begin Recovery Coaching with her on Saturday.
I am grateful to be in this industry and hopeful I will be used more and more to help change the lives of those stuck in a world of addiction.
Rob Lohman

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