Reaching the LOST……

Today was a great day!

I was invited to speak to the counseling staff at a large church in the Denver area today at 12:00. They asked me to share my story and about the services I offer through We all shared our experience, strength and hope with each other.

I asked the staff to introduce themselves to me and share how addiction has effected them personally and why they chose to enter the field of counseling.

Almost every person on staff has or had a loved one suffering from addiction. Several lost family members to alcoholism. Others had family currently stuck in the world of addiction (drugs, alcohol, shopping, pornography……). Many of the people they are counseling are suffering from drug/alcohol addiction.

It was a powerful time together. I am excited to work with them and provide them and their members through my professional experience and life experiences.

I also discussed the importance of knowing how to help someone who struggles with any kind of addiction and discussed the process of helping a family walk through an intervention and other methods. I discussed the importance of knowing quality places where people can receive help and the many resources available to help people move from addiction to freedom to transformation.

My takeaway was that eventhough people have a heart/desire/training to help people who struggle with addiction from a counseling perspective, they lacked the knowledge of available resources as to where to send them and what to do once they return to society from receiving help.

Also, addiction is a family disease, so there are several programs available to help the family while the loved on suffering from addiction is getting help.

Helping addicts is what I do…it is my life work. I am excited to work with the counseling staff at this organization in an effort to help lift people out of their life of addiction.  They said they have several families that could use my services right now…… WOW.Addiction does not care who you are…it will drag you down if you let it.

If you know of a church or organization that would like for me to spend 30 to 60 minutes with them to share my professional and personal experiences, lease contact me through Facebook or cell phone.

Gratefully, Rob Lohman
(also, feel free to share this post with anyone who can benefit)


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