The last 30 days of activity…….

It is a blessing to serve the addiction and recovery community.  Here is a recap of the last 30 days:

  • Client completed 30 day treatment program and is getting back on her feet, her marriage is being healed, she is rediscovering who she is and working a great 12-Step program.
  • Client completed 28 day program and moved to Florida to a Sober Living Facility to be close to his daughter, sister and mom.  He is doing great things and very upbeat!
  • Placed a client in a 9 month program and she is very excited about this new lease on life.
  • I was invited to speak to the counseling staff at Mission Hills Church in Littleton.  We connected on many levels and excited to help them and their members.
  • A counselor from a local church reached out to me to help a  member whose husband’s addiction to alcohol has caused extreme havoc in their family.  Within 24 hours we were able to get him into a 30 day treatment facility which accepted his insurance and will cover all costs.  Praying for healing for their marriage and entire family.
  • Toured a great new facility in Northern Michigan called Bear River Health and looking forward to working with them in the future.
  • A friend reached out to get her brother help with his alcohol addiction.  After a few conversations, he is attending a 12-Step program and seems to be doing better.
  • Received numerous inquiries from people on how to help their loved ones get help….very rewarding to help those in need.

Those were just a few amazing ways God is using Lifted From The Rut to help people see the light on the other side of addiction!

Also just received the new Certification Seals for my :

Nationally Certified Recovery Coach – 1 and Nationally Certified Intervention

Certified Recovery Coach Seal       Certified Interventionist Seal

Have an amazing day!

Rob Lohman


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