Speaker Announcement for the Navigating the World of Addiction Event!

I am excited to announce a new Speaker for the 2017 Navigating the World of Addiction Event on May 6th in Littleton, CO!

brittany head shot

As Brittany was getting ready to graduate high school, instead of going off to college with all of her friends, she fell into a deep, destructive path of addiction for the next 7 years. After being homeless in 4 different states, multiple suicide attempts and 5 overdoses, Brittany now alongside her mother fights the stigma of addiction, raises awareness and educates others on the disease. Brittany is the former Director of Alumni and medical coordinator at a treatment facility in Florida. She is also a licensed and experienced interventionist and recovery coach mentored by the most accredited addiction professionals in the country. She has been featured on Overcoming Addiction, Fox News and is heavily involved in the non profit FAN – Families Against Narcotics. Brittany is also a blogger and has been published in USA Today, along with many national advocacy groups and has been interviewed for the Fix, Macomb Daily and other media sources. Brittany and her mother Katie also co-founded a blog, where they dig deep about their journey at www.amothersaddictionjourney.com, which reached over a million views within 30 days of its inception and has been syndicated in over 30 publications, including USA Today and The Sober World magazine. Brittany, her mother Katie recently co-founded Recover Together. The two of them along with their incredible team of professionals offer many services including interventions, family coaching, recovery coaching, sober escort, legal assistance, treatment placement, guidance, support and so much more. Brittany lives in West Palm Beach, FL and plans to study nursing at FAU. Through her own personal experiences, painful traumas and now beautiful triumphs – she helps others and their loved ones struggling around the world. 

Click here for event details!


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