The Holiday eggshell hangover!

The Holidays are among us, with one more to come!  Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years…..

Shopping, wrapping, Black Fridays, Cyber Mondays, in-laws, out-laws, travel, family dysfunction, creating memories, and sometimes just making it through.

The Holidays can be a wonderful time for some and a time of grief and loss for others.  Either way, it can be stressful.  People manage that stress in a variety of ways through drinking, drugging, shopping, gambling, over-eating, working out, pouring into their community of friends….the list goes on.

For some, addiction is part of the story.  Some families tip-toe around the addict in their family trying to ignore an issue exists, which turns what should be a joyful family time of celebration, to one where the family is walking on eggshells unsure of how the behavior of the addict will disrupt the gatherings.

Definitely not a way to enjoy the holidays…or any day for that matter.  I see too many families express concern for a loved one, but are afraid to confront the issue.  That is where I come in. If you need to talk about a loved one suffering from addiction (that could also be you), then please reach out for help today.

Call me for a free consultation for Interventions or Recovery Coaching…970-331-4469


Rob Lohman



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